Solution Series: Collaborative Manufacturing Design

Live Collaborative Design Presentation – Leveraging your existing software to solve everyday challenges.

During this 3 part webinar series you will see a live demonstration of a fictitious company to understand, and see how they will leverage their existing tools to collaborate and develop a solution for a unique requirement. You will see the challenges they face, the tools they will use, and how they were able to collaborate utilizing their existing software programs. This webinar is designed to provide some insight, so that project managers, engineers, designers, and marketing professionals can see how they can leverage their current tools and work collaboratively with little to no additional cost.

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May 6, 2020: Virtual Kickoff Project Statement: 
During this first webinar we will set the scene, explain the challenge, show how the project manager organizes and disseminates different tasks virtually. Then we will demonstrate the tools used to manage this project in real time.

May 13, 2020: Validating and Prototyping thru Virtual Collaboration: 
The second webinar will highlight tools we can use to ensure our parts are light weight, strong, and will not break while in use. We will also show you how to save money by leveraging additive manufacturing to your design process.

May 20, 2020: Electrify Your Design and Create Amazing Presentations Virtually: 
The third and final webinar will incorporate electrical design challenges and show how mechanical and electrical teams can collaborate in real time virtually. We will also show how marketing can be enhanced thru virtual collaboration with technical content and breath taking illustrations.